N. 5 Homeward bound

Haven’t been able to write much lately. We are currently packing up all of our belongings to make the trip back to my childhood home. We made the drastic decision to move our little family in with my parents so we could expedite our savings and buy a house in the spring. We’ve been living happily in this 1600 sq ft home that my husband grew up in the for the past 3 years. After a lot of consideration and purging we’ve decided that living in a house larger than 1000 sq ft is just too much space for us. Ideally we are looking to live simply in a home that’s between 700-900 sq ft. It’s a big decision to make and a total life style change. We are committed to taking the plunge and only living with the things we need.

I started this downsizing journey by reading this book, The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify by Francine Jay. To say this book changed my life would be an understatement. I highly encourage anyone who is looking to declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle to pick up a copy of this book. After months of slowly selling our large bulky furniture, our oversized closets of unused clothing and throwing away old papers, and junk, we are finally down to the basics. The most important step to me was making sure everything that we packed up, and everything that we are putting in storage to keep was a piece that we really loved and couldn’t live without. My husband and I have been lucky enough to inherit a lot of gorgeous antique pieces which fits our farmhouse style pretty well. As for the stuff we’ve picked up since we were married, most of them are estate sale finds that have lots of history and character.

I hope that over the course of the next year we are able to keep our lives simple, and not accumulate any more stuff. Other than a few more pieces we will need to complete a house. Here’s hoping this is our last week packing!


N. 4 False Alarm

Ok so let’s update. Had to take Jules to the doctor yesterday because he was covered in tiny red dots from head to toe. I must admit, I freaked out. My first reaction was “OH MY GOODNESS HE HAS THE CHICKEN POX” but after talking to my mom, and other mom friends I felt a lot better in knowing there was no way this boy had the chicken pox. After a quick appointment with the pediatrician we have determined he has a viral infection. Most likely picked up from our weekend at the Cape with his cousins, or possibly from being stuck in Walmart while we were trying to look for storage bins. Whatever the case, what I thought were signs of teething were actually signs of a viral infection. So for the past 24 hours this baby has been sleeping a ton, and has not been his normal happy self. No one likes to see their children sick, and it is definitely scary as a new mom. I am happy to have the love and support of so many other great moms to calm my nerves.

Babies can be so scary. When they’re this young there is just no way of knowing how they are really feeling. I hope I am not alone in my anxieties as a new parent. I feel very capable of taking care of Jules but I must admit there are days when I feel a bit over my head. I am a chronic worrier so it is not surprising that I would feel overwhelmed by something as simple as a cold. Hopefully some of you other parents can relate.

So not to side track too much but lets jump back to my last post about teething and Baltic amber necklaces. My husband and I have both been wearing ours since Friday and I would say that my headaches have gone away but as far as back pain, or any other aches and pains we haven’t seen much of a difference. I am not sure how quickly the magic of these necklaces is supposed to work but I am impatient. I will continue to wear it in hopes that it will heal whatever ailments come my way but I also just like how pretty it is. I will also continue to update you with information about them as we wear them. As for now this mama is going to snuggle up with her sleeping babe and catch up on some late night TV.

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N. 3 Teething

It’s been an interesting week. Between Poshmark sales, diaper rashes, and packing up for a mini vacation this mama is very tired this week. To top it off teething is miserable. Jules will be 4 months old in a few weeks (I can’t even believe it). This poor baby has been teething for 2 months and not one single tooth has popped yet. I have tried everything I could come up with to soothe him without giving him Tylenol. The cold teething toys work great but melt faster than I can freeze them, and although he has finally learned how to suck his thumb I am running out of ideas, and bibs at this point.

After doing lots of research I finally stumbled upon a article about Amber necklaces. I had heard about them from family and friends but wasn’t too sure why it worked, or if it even worked at all. Fast forward to this week and I finally made my purchase. I bought an amber necklace from a company called Hazelaid. There are many companies that sell authentic Baltic amber jewelry but this one in particular had very solid reviews and was praised in many of the online mom forums that I am part of. Make sure that if you are purchasing an amber necklace that it is authentic, unfortunately there are people out there selling fakes.

The necklace arrives today and I am praying that it works for my sweet boy. For those of you who don’t know anything about Amber here is a little information. Amber is fossilized tree resin, and Baltic amber is mined close to the Baltic Sea, which contains succinic acid. It is believed that if you wear the amber close to your skin it will release an oil containing succinic acid and can reduce inflammation and pain. While doing my research I read that wearing Baltic amber can actually help adults as well in reducing pain and inflammation issues. So I purchased necklaces for my husband and myself also. I am hoping that the necklaces will help my husband with his chronic back pain and my ridiculous sciatic pain that still hasn’t gone away since having the baby. I will be updating my blog with a review of these necklaces after a few weeks of wearing them. As for now I am praying that they work and my little Jules can go to sleep tonight a little happier.

Does anyone else have any teething remedies that work? I am always looking for something new to try!

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N. 2 Cloth Diapers

Here we are. 3 months into my cloth diapering journey and still going strong. I honestly never thought we would make it this far, I had hoped we would but honestly assumed we would give up. It took a lot of time to do the research and learn what works best for us. We have spent a good amount of money on diapers that just didn’t end up being what we were looking for. Currently we use pre-folds and diaper covers. We LOVE them. OsoCozy makes super absorbent pre-folds and the price point didn’t break the bank. As far as diaper covers go we have many different brands from Blueberry, Bummis, Thirsties, Hibaby and Rumparooz. We have tried pocket diapers, and hybrid diapers but in the end the pre-folds were easier for us and with enough of them we are able to only do laundry every other day. We’ve been cloth diapering since Jules was about 2 weeks old. I honestly wish we started in the hospital but I was so obsessed with trying to breastfeed that I didn’t want to focus on the diapering at the time. Here are a few reasons why we love cloth diapering…

  1. Saves money in the long run. We do buy disposables for when we leave the house, or grandparents are babysitting. Carrying around cloth pre-folds and extra covers just proved to be more than our diaper bag could handle. Hopefully as he grows older and is using less diapers we will be able to kick disposables completely to the curb.
  2. No diaper rash. I am sure plenty of people have babies that never get diaper rash using disposables but I have sensitive skin so this was my way of preventing my son from experiencing that.
  3. Super absorbent. Using the cloth diapers we never have leaks, unless there is a user error. Diaper blow outs are at a minimum with the cloth diapers.
  4. They’re super cute! You can’t tell me seeing cute little designs all over your little ones bums isn’t just the cutest. I love that he can just have a teeny t-shirt and a diaper cover on and he looks absolutely adorable.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Cloth diapers aren’t creating issues as far as the trash goes.
  6. No Chemicals. I love knowing that there are no chemicals sitting against my sons skin as he sleeps at night. It just makes me feel comfortable with leaving a diaper on overnight.

Cloth diapering has come a long way since I was a baby and I am so glad I spent the time looking into it. We have saved a ton of money already and will continue to do so over the course of Jules diaper career. Anyone else using cloth diapers? Which brands do you love best? Drop a comment! I’m always looking out for new information!

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N.1 Declutter

I guess I’ll just start here. We found out we were pregnant in July of 2016. A complete surprise, but a very welcome one. As we started to realize the house we were living in was filled with my in-laws memories, and all of our junk that we had been dragging around for the past 10 years, we knew it was time to cut the clutter. We spent weeks going through closets, cupboards and any other hiding spots that clutter loves to collect. It was here that we realized how wonderful purging felt. Finally all of this stuff that was filling each room up to the ceiling was finally gone, and we could settle in and wait for baby in a calm and clean space. Fast forward 10 months, baby arrives and boom. All of the clean, calming space quickly turned into a pile of baby junk. I mean, I thought I had done my research. I guess just a bassinet and a nursing pillow was not enough to help us with our new bundle of joy. Add in two swings, a rocker, a bouncer, two travel bets, a playard and an activity mat later and our once organized home is now a BabiesRUs explosion.

So here we are 3 months into his adorable little life and my house is a mess. I remind myself that these things are only temporary and will shortly be pushed into storage as we fill our home with toys, and other activity items. I wonder if all of this “stuff” is really as important as it feels, or did I just succumb to the pressure of today’s Mom. As we’ve continued down the road to minimalistic success I really wonder if we NEED any of this? I never pictured myself being the Mom who had all of this stuff. Not because I think I am better than anyone, or that these items aren’t useful because they definitely are, but I always wanted to take a more simple approach to parenting. I am really trying to take stock of our lives and see what we can live without and if living without will create a better appreciation for the things we have. It’s so easy to get caught up in WANT. I want a new dress, a new phone, a new car, a new house. I have never felt really satisfied with my “stuff”, but maybe if I stop wanting and start appreciating this mindset will change.

We will be moving forward on our quest for a more minimalistic lifestyle. Each week is a challenge to stay organized among the chaos of being new parents, but I am determined to live a more simple, healthy and happy life.

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