N.1 Declutter

I guess I’ll just start here. We found out we were pregnant in July of 2016. A complete surprise, but a very welcome one. As we started to realize the house we were living in was filled with my in-laws memories, and all of our junk that we had been dragging around for the past 10 years, we knew it was time to cut the clutter. We spent weeks going through closets, cupboards and any other hiding spots that clutter loves to collect. It was here that we realized how wonderful purging felt. Finally all of this stuff that was filling each room up to the ceiling was finally gone, and we could settle in and wait for baby in a calm and clean space. Fast forward 10 months, baby arrives and boom. All of the clean, calming space quickly turned into a pile of baby junk. I mean, I thought I had done my research. I guess just a bassinet and a nursing pillow was not enough to help us with our new bundle of joy. Add in two swings, a rocker, a bouncer, two travel bets, a playard and an activity mat later and our once organized home is now a BabiesRUs explosion.

So here we are 3 months into his adorable little life and my house is a mess. I remind myself that these things are only temporary and will shortly be pushed into storage as we fill our home with toys, and other activity items. I wonder if all of this “stuff” is really as important as it feels, or did I just succumb to the pressure of today’s Mom. As we’ve continued down the road to minimalistic success I really wonder if we NEED any of this? I never pictured myself being the Mom who had all of this stuff. Not because I think I am better than anyone, or that these items aren’t useful because they definitely are, but I always wanted to take a more simple approach to parenting. I am really trying to take stock of our lives and see what we can live without and if living without will create a better appreciation for the things we have. It’s so easy to get caught up in WANT. I want a new dress, a new phone, a new car, a new house. I have never felt really satisfied with my “stuff”, but maybe if I stop wanting and start appreciating this mindset will change.

We will be moving forward on our quest for a more minimalistic lifestyle. Each week is a challenge to stay organized among the chaos of being new parents, but I am determined to live a more simple, healthy and happy life.

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