N. 3 Teething

It’s been an interesting week. Between Poshmark sales, diaper rashes, and packing up for a mini vacation this mama is very tired this week. To top it off teething is miserable. Jules will be 4 months old in a few weeks (I can’t even believe it). This poor baby has been teething for 2 months and not one single tooth has popped yet. I have tried everything I could come up with to soothe him without giving him Tylenol. The cold teething toys work great but melt faster than I can freeze them, and although he has finally learned how to suck his thumb I am running out of ideas, and bibs at this point.

After doing lots of research I finally stumbled upon a article about Amber necklaces. I had heard about them from family and friends but wasn’t too sure why it worked, or if it even worked at all. Fast forward to this week and I finally made my purchase. I bought an amber necklace from a company called Hazelaid. There are many companies that sell authentic Baltic amber jewelry but this one in particular had very solid reviews and was praised in many of the online mom forums that I am part of. Make sure that if you are purchasing an amber necklace that it is authentic, unfortunately there are people out there selling fakes.

The necklace arrives today and I am praying that it works for my sweet boy. For those of you who don’t know anything about Amber here is a little information. Amber is fossilized tree resin, and Baltic amber is mined close to the Baltic Sea, which contains succinic acid. It is believed that if you wear the amber close to your skin it will release an oil containing succinic acid and can reduce inflammation and pain. While doing my research I read that wearing Baltic amber can actually help adults as well in reducing pain and inflammation issues. So I purchased necklaces for my husband and myself also. I am hoping that the necklaces will help my husband with his chronic back pain and my ridiculous sciatic pain that still hasn’t gone away since having the baby. I will be updating my blog with a review of these necklaces after a few weeks of wearing them. As for now I am praying that they work and my little Jules can go to sleep tonight a little happier.

Does anyone else have any teething remedies that work? I am always looking for something new to try!

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