N. 4 False Alarm

Ok so let’s update. Had to take Jules to the doctor yesterday because he was covered in tiny red dots from head to toe. I must admit, I freaked out. My first reaction was “OH MY GOODNESS HE HAS THE CHICKEN POX” but after talking to my mom, and other mom friends I felt a lot better in knowing there was no way this boy had the chicken pox. After a quick appointment with the pediatrician we have determined he has a viral infection. Most likely picked up from our weekend at the Cape with his cousins, or possibly from being stuck in Walmart while we were trying to look for storage bins. Whatever the case, what I thought were signs of teething were actually signs of a viral infection. So for the past 24 hours this baby has been sleeping a ton, and has not been his normal happy self. No one likes to see their children sick, and it is definitely scary as a new mom. I am happy to have the love and support of so many other great moms to calm my nerves.

Babies can be so scary. When they’re this young there is just no way of knowing how they are really feeling. I hope I am not alone in my anxieties as a new parent. I feel very capable of taking care of Jules but I must admit there are days when I feel a bit over my head. I am a chronic worrier so it is not surprising that I would feel overwhelmed by something as simple as a cold. Hopefully some of you other parents can relate.

So not to side track too much but lets jump back to my last post about teething and Baltic amber necklaces. My husband and I have both been wearing ours since Friday and I would say that my headaches have gone away but as far as back pain, or any other aches and pains we haven’t seen much of a difference. I am not sure how quickly the magic of these necklaces is supposed to work but I am impatient. I will continue to wear it in hopes that it will heal whatever ailments come my way but I also just like how pretty it is. I will also continue to update you with information about them as we wear them. As for now this mama is going to snuggle up with her sleeping babe and catch up on some late night TV.

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